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In the online collaboration we want students, and ourselves for the sample investigation, to share GeoGebra applets that advance the exploration and also provide the reasoning behind the GeoGebra constructions. Reasons could be posted via text, but this can be tedious. We have found that students often provide very short insufficient explanations in text, but they are more ready to expand on their ideas using video and audio recording. We will use the Jing software to make video recordings of the computer screen while working with GeoGebra. At the same time we can create an audio record of our reasoning. The videos will be uploaded to the space. Code from can be embedded in a wiki page and with this the video and audio will play from the wiki.

The two blocks of instructions below show the steps required to record a Jing video, upload to, and link the video to a wiki page.

Record a Jing Video & Upload to
  1. By exploring in GeoGebra decide upon the steps you wish to show and the reasoning to be presented.
  2. Start with GeoGebra in its initial form or as you saved it from an example on the wiki.
  3. Start Jing if it is not already running on your computer. You will see a yellow sun jing_sun.pngat the top centre of your computer monitor.
  4. Click on the Jing sun and then on the capture option jing_capture.jpg
  5. With your mouse and left-click, drag the cross hairs from the upper-left to lower-right of the region you wish to record - the GeoGebra window. Click the video capture option video_capture.png
  6. Jing will count down for 3 seconds and then begin recording the highlighted area of the monitor screen and anything you say into your computer microphone. It might be best to do a test recording to ensure that your voice is being picked up.finish.png
  7. Once you have completed your work in GeoGebra and the oral explanation click the Finish button to stop the recording.
  8. On the new menu panel name your video and share_video.png
    click the share/upload icon.
    You will see a popup showing the progress of uploading uploading.png
    the video to your space.

The video below, made with Jing, provides the above instructions in an alternate form.

Embedding a Jing Video in a Wiki Page

  1. Go to>
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select and open the Jing folder jing_folder.png
  4. In the Jing folder select the uploaded (GeoGebra work) video select_video.png
  5. Click on the Share icon share_video.pngselect_code.png

  6. In the popup window click on the text under Embed on your page:
  7. Right-click and Copy
  8. Navigate to the page where you wish to embed your video.
  9. On the wiki page click Edit
  10. Move the cursor to the place where the video is to appear.
  11. Type in any explanation that is required.
  12. Click on the Widget iconwidget.png
  13. In the popup window select Other html other_html.png
  14. Put the cursor in the text box, right-click, and Paste
  15. The html code linking to your will appear in the text box. Click Save
  16. Click Save at the top right of the wiki page edit window to save the page with the new text and embedded Jing video.

The video below, made with Jing, provides the above instructions in an alternate form.

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If you would like to practice embedding a Jing video click here to go to the Embedding Jing videos practice page.