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If you wish to add text or embedded material that adds to a discussion on a page it would be appropriate to do this below the items already on the page.
  • Click Edit (above)
  • Add your text and embed links to a GeoGebra applet and/or Jing video
  • Click Save (above to the far right when in Edit mode)

If you wish to initiate a new strand in the investigation by suggesting a new strategy or approach it would be best if this was done by creating a link to a new page.

  • Click Edit (above)
  • In Edit mode place your cursor where you would like to insert a link to the new page.
  • Add any explanatory text you see as required
  • Type the name you wish to use for the new page
  • Highlight the page name and click Link (above)new_page.png
  • Click Add Link in the pop-up window
  • Click Save (above to the far right)

Once the original page has been saved click on the link you created. This will take you to your new page which you can edit.

To assist in navigation it is always good to add a link on the new page that returns users to the page they just left.