ESMA: European Society for Mathematics and Art

Join Jean Constant to discuss the ESMA international community for mathematics and art.

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Jean's document "Why I am involved in math&art"

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About ESMA

The European Society for Mathematics and Art (ESMA) website promotes communication between the scientific community and the public at large through artistic means. It encourages the creation and implementation of projects and works of art (visual, architectural, musical, performing arts, etc.) inspired by mathematics and science in general.

ESMA is the latest development of an effort that originated at the Maubeuge conference of 2000 and was sustained for the last 10 years by the association ARPAM. The following pages summarize the mission of ESMA and report on its present and future activities. It also feature the work of its members and explain how to join ESMA.

A piece by Mikami Seiko featured in this month's newsletter:

Event Host

JeanConstant.jpgJean Constant is an artist exploring connections between visual arts and mathematics. You can see Jean's works at

Jean is an accomplished educator and lecturer. For over three decades, he has been a consultant and senior Public Art manager in public, non-profit and private sectors. He is especially interested in the educational, creative and administrative processes of art and technology education.