Math 2.0 general presentations

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Friday, September 4th at 10am Eastern US time and Friday, September 25th at 8am Eastern US time Nellie Deutsch will host Maria Droujkova at her WiZiQ class series to present about the Math 2.0 working group.
Math 2.0 is a catch-all phrase for doing mathematics with web 2.0 technologies. The interest group includes researchers, education practitioners, technology enablers, parents and kids working on relevant research and development projects. The group communicates through members' blogs, nings and wikis. We also have several group hubs:
Here is a bit more on Math 2.0 issues. Not only is mathematics currently lagging in social spaces, the lag is increasing with time. Kids from the "digital native" generation are native to spaces where specialists still broadcast math from ivory towers, and kids aren't welcome to contribute content. Most pedagogically innovative math computer games are at least fifteen years old. Come discuss these and other trends, mostly alarming but occasionally hopeful, and meet interesting people ready to take action together.


MariaD2_2009-100by100.jpgMaria Droujkova

Maria Droujkova is founder and director of Natural Math. Her research interests include Early Algebra, Multiplicative Reasoning, and social media ("Math 2.0"). Maria organizes Math Clubs and other local math groups and events, and online networks.
Maria's web site:
Twitter: @mariadroujkova
Skype: maria_droujkova
external image Nellie-Deutsch-4613.pngNellie Deutsch
Nellie has been involved in international collaborative projects via Moodle. She currently facilitates online and face-to-face workshops on how to use Wikieducator as a collaborative tool for instruction and learning and conducts online workshops and conferences.Nellie also moderates live online workshops for Electronic Village Online which is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, storytelling and cultures, and integration of technology and web 2.0 tools into the classroom. Nellie is passionate about learning and has currently completed a 3 year doctoral studies program in educational leadership specializing in curriculum,and instruction online at the University of Phoenix and is now writing her dissertation on Blended Learning in Higher Education around the world.