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Math 2.0 Interest Group 10 21 2009 Meeting Chat

About the event


Host: Alasdair Trotter

Wednesday, October 21st we will meet in the LearnCentral public Elluminate room at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time:

Alasdair will be talking about Guaranteach, an educational startup which he co-founded last year with George Tattersfield. Guaranteach is an online tutor that uses a huge library of teacher-created videos and some adaptive algorithms to try and replicate a human tutor.

Guaranteach seeks to understand each student's learning preferences, so that it can determine the best way to teach each student. For every one of the 3,000 topics that cover K-12 math, Guaranteach has between 8-10 different lessons to teach the topic - so whether you're a visual learner , an abstract student, or you like to be taught by funny, female teachers between the age of 24-29, Guaranteach has a lesson for you.

While the service is currently being used (in a fully commercial capacity) in a variety of schools, Guaranteach is beginning a 6-month project to pilot the service in a number of schools across the country with the explicit goal of measuring the educational benefits of offering individualized (differentiated) instruction to students which can be used both in the classroom and at-home.

To Participate Fully

If you'd like to get the most out of this session, please contact in advance, and request an access code that will grant you free access to the Guaranteach website for the next 30 days. This way - you can follow along during the discussion and try the service out for yourselves.

This event is a part of the ongoing Math 2.0 interest group conversation series. Always-discussed topics:
  • principles of Math 2.0 teaching and learning
  • networks and communities creating social math objects
  • platforms for remote communication of this interest group
  • our projects and collaboration
  • publishing efforts and bibliography


Alasdair Trotter. Co-Founder and COO of Guaranteach .

Bio from the Guaranteach website
Bio on LinkedIn