July 15th, 2009 event - Math social objects - Twitter

Hosts: @colleenk, @mariadroujkova

Colleen King develops math curricula for a K-12 learning center and teaches math to students in grades 6-12.
She also publishes the web site, MathPlayground.com.
Colleen is very interested in programming and game design as they relate to learning and applying math concepts.

Maria Droujkova is founder and director of Natural Math. Her research interests include Early Algebra, Multiplicative Reasoning, and social media ("Math 2.0"). Maria organizes Math Clubs and other local math groups and events, and online networks.

Event participant reflections about Twitter

  • Twitter is great for sharing, or for quick collaboration on language-based tasks (e.g. creating a short definition). It's also nice for quick introductions within large groups of people, or for a meeting backchanel. I don't see it as a vehicle for more sustained and focused conversations, like topical seminars, though it can help gather topic thoughts over weeks and months - Maria Droujkova.
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