We will meet in Twitter on Wednesday, July 29th, at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, to discuss engaging students in online math courses. The hashtag for the event is #mathchat


Maria Andersen, @busynessgirl on Twitter

Maria Andersen
Maria Andersen

Maria Andersen is a college math instructor at Muskegon Community College (in Michigan). She is also the CEO of Andersen Algebra Consulting LLC, an educational consulting business. Through the business, she does some contract work for textbook companies, educational software companies, and schedule speaking engagements.

This event is a part of the ongoing Math 2.0 interest group conversation series. Always-discussed questions:
  • networks and communities creating social math objects
  • platforms for remote communication of this interest group
  • our projects and collaboration
  • publishing efforts and bibliography

Full transcript (descending order, latest first):