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Math 2.0 Interest Group 10 07 2009 Meeting Chat

About the event

Math 2.0: Building Mathematical Discourse

Host: Robin Angotti

Wednesday, October 7th we will meet at the chat room at at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time. Guest Password: kayak

TOPIC FOR TONIGHT: How can a tool such as Voicethread be used to build mathematical discourse? Possible sub-topics: With a face-to-face class, for groupwork, in online and hybrid classes. I will also answer questions about my grant work with Math 2.0

The tool for tonight's chat is (though not our primary discussion topic). will record the entire chat session. Go to the drop, login as a guest (password: kayak) and you should see the chat that I embedded at the bottom and some links that I am going to refer to at the top of the page.

In this drop I posted two links to demonstrate the capabilities of Voicethread which is what most people were asking me questions about during a previous Math 2.0 Chat. One voicethread features 8 math problems that were from the Math Counts Competition (link provided at the top of each problem). My students (and anyone else who wants to) may comment on this voice thread and the problems in there if they register for Voicethread (they will be prompted to register when they try to comment). The second is a link to a video in Voicethread. Again, anyone can comment on the video via the tools in Voicethread. It is a video of students at a school in Hawaii getting ready for World Math Day. If you click on my photo, you can hear my comments I suggest trying it out before the chat tonight.

BTW: I downloaded the video from Youtube via Zamzar allows me to download and use a video as a stand alone video (not online) which is a great way to use a Youtube video for schools that have Youtube blocked from their network.

Here is the link to the basic information about as a platform for shared collaborative space and a great how-to video I use it as my primary course management tool. Each of my students has their own private drop where I can upload graded files and they can drop their files for completed assignments into the course drop space. Students can post files and chat in real time with each other, collaborating on group projects, etc. The drop has its own email and voicemail and conference call capabilities. 100mb comes for free, for a minimal cost ($10 a year) you can upgrade one drop to 2 GB of storage.

See you tonight!!


This event is a part of the ongoing Math 2.0 interest group conversation series. Always-discussed topics:
  • principles of Math 2.0 teaching and learning
  • networks and communities creating social math objects
  • platforms for remote communication of this interest group
  • our projects and collaboration
  • publishing efforts and bibliography


Robin Angotti

Academic Interests:
Dr. Angotti's current research includes: investigating students' mathematical understandings in technological contexts; statistics education; teaching algebra from a functional perspective using multiple representations; and developing students' conceptual understandings of mathematics and preparing teachers to teach in ways that promote and support the development of conceptual understanding.

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