Math on the Level

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About the event

All Math 2.0 events are free and open to the public. Information about all events in the series is here:

Saturday, April 17th 2010 we will meet in the LearnCentral public Elluminate room at 11am Pacific /2pm Eastern time.

Come get to know our Math on the Level community.
This event will provide an opportunity for
people using Math on the Level,
people interested in Math on the Level, or
people just wanting to chat about Math on the Level
to get together.

Join Carlita Boyles, the author of Math on the Level
and Maria Droujkova (
and share your questions or your experiences.

Math on the Level is a family math curriculum and the community supporting it. Each topic is highly customizable by style, level, age, and family context. Math on the Level is an example of the growing "citizen curriculum" movement, where each family or small learning group designs their own - in the context of larger collaborative learning communities.

From the site's FAQ: Math on the Level is a complete, flexible math curriculum for the whole family that is designed specifically for teaching at home, taking advantage of the many learning opportunities that are not present in classrooms. The curriculum emphasizes practical, real-life applications as a primary way to teach math, adapting the instruction to each child's maturation level, and an individualized review approach that spreads practice out over time so the knowledge is retained for the long term.
Math on the Level was written by homeschoolers to equip parents to teach any concept to their children from preschool through pre-algebra.

Practical: math is taught through normal family activities.
Flexible: math instruction can be as formal or as informal as you desire.
Individual: the curriculum lets you teach to your child's actual abilities – even the review is designed specifically to each child's level of need.
Simple: the teaching guides make it easy to teach math.
Versatile: a number of different approaches are provided to address different learning style.

Event Host

Carlita Boyles has an extensive background in child education with particular emphasis in the field of learning disabilities. Carlita has

  • a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development
  • a Master of Arts degree in Special Education
  • a California Multiple-Subjects credential
  • a California Specialist in Learning Disabilities credential
  • more than 20 years teaching experience
Carlita taught for over 12 years in the public system, mostly teaching special education classes for 4th, 5th, and 6th learning handicapped children (CA terminology) as well as a few years teaching 6th grade. During this time, she was also a California Resource Specialist in special education. She is now in the eleventh year of homeschooling her own children.

Carlita writes:
Besides being author of Math on the Level, I'm also a homeschool mom. Math on the Level is the method I developed to teach my own children, because after years of doing individualized instruction in public school special ed classrooms, math textbooks and workbooks frustrated me. I just wanted to teach my children what they were ready to learn, and then help them practice what they had mastered so they wouldn't forget it. Other moms in my homeschool group asked me to write a math curriculum so they could also teach their children using my approach. Math on the Level is the result.