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During the event, Caroline Mukisa of will answer questions about family math advice.

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  • Follow this link at the time of the event:
  • Wednesday, September 28th 2011 we will meet online at 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern time. WorldClock for your time zone.
  • Click "OK" and "Accept" several times as your browser installs the software. When you see Session Log-In, enter your name and click the "Login" button
  • If this is your first time, come a few minutes earlier to check out the technology. The room opens half an hour before the event.

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Recording and questions

The recording will be at

About Maths Insider

Caroline names these goals of Maths Insider:
  • To share quick tips that can be implemented even in a hectic schedule.
  • To give practical advice based on my experiences, my research and my conversations with fellow teachers and parents.

I’ve got a fair amount of ideas buzzing around in my head about how parents can help their kids with maths. Some of them will be what you and your child need.

Here are a few highlights from the site!

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Event Host

CarolineMukisa.jpgCaroline Mukisa writes:
I'm an engineer, turned maths teacher, turned Kumon instructor, turned full time mother of 4 children (the school age one’s being in in gifted and talented maths programs at school).
I’m a Brit, but am now an expat in the Middle East. My daily conversations with fellow expat from countries as diverse as Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, the US and India to name but a few, show the need for a blog to support parents in their supporting their child’s maths in a stress-free way.
So whether your child loves or hates maths homework, whether you love or hate maths and whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes right now, join me at Maths Insider and let’s start guiding our future mathematicians!