Modern math for elementary students: An innovative, open book

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Join Oleg Gleizer, presenting his innovative book about advanced math for elementary children. The full text of the book is available at:

It is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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About "Modern Math"

From the introduction:
This book has originated from the state of desperation parents of a 5-year-old boy, themselves mathematicians, have got into while searching for a proper school for their kid. We have looked both into the public and private sector, including some rather expensive private schools, and couldn't find any where they teach math, physics, and/or computer science at the 21st century level.
The following are the two questions the author has asked the math teachers he had interviewed.
1. Given a straight line and a point away from it, how would you draw another straight line passing through the point and parallel to the original line, using a compass and straightedge as tools?
2. How would you draw a four-dimensional (4D) cube?


5 Time and space (a sample chapter)
5.1 Adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers
5.2 Choosing coordinates on a straight line and on a circle
5.3 Using a latitude line as a clock
5.4 Angles and 2D polygons
5.5 Navigating the globe
5.6 Arithmetic on a circle

Event Host

OlegGleizer.jpgOleg Gleizer writes:
My goal is to bring the ideas of modern day Mathematics to the level accessible to children aged five and older. For that, one needs first hand experience in modern day research. That's exactly what I have, with publications in top-ranked Math journals and talks given at MIT, Columbia University and UC Berkeley among others. I believe that our kids can learn much more than the schools, both public and private, give them. My goal is to move from an evening enhancement school to a full fledged day time private school that would teach Math and Science at the 21st century level.