Plans and Dreams 2010

In 2009, we worked to connect individuals and projects. We can now reach thousands of people within active and highly relevant networks and communities, and cause systemic changes. Based on past conversations, here is a sketch of year 2010 plans. Please comment, add and change it. There are more details in Patricia Deubel's T.H.E. Journal article about the group.

Mark and organize online meetings by content tracks, with four major directions:
- Community mathematics: networks, content sharing, clubs, grassroots curriculum
- Executable mathematics: software, manipulatives, programming platforms, math-rich social objects
- Humanistic mathematics: visual arts, digital storytelling, ethnomathematics
- Psychology of mathematics: meta-cognition, values and attitudes, teaching and learning theories, well-being and math anxiety

Support each direction with two principles:
- Using Dynamic Math Tools in a Web 2.0 world: lessons, activities, curriculum, on-line textbooks, etc.
- Mathematical authoring: helping everybody create and share their own math entities

Also, mark and organize meetings by four purpose tracks:
- Event and meeting planning: smaller meetings throughout 2010 and a larger conference for 2011
- Help a teacher: particular educational practices and issues
- Math 2.0 careers, businesses and sustainability
- Overview of particular projects and communities, invitations to join their efforts
- Research, grants, and publications

The conferences we organize can follow these tracks as well.