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ScottLaidlaw.jpgScott Laidlaw, Ed.D. - Director and Game Designer

Scott has been teaching for 11 years and is sought as a consultant for best practices in mathematics specializing at the middle school level. For the past 7 years, Scott has created rich, story-based math games for classroom use that have not only effectively increased test scores but have changed the student's view about math. As founder of Imagine Education, Scott is dedicated to reforming math education and building products by the teacher for the teacher.

Scott will introduce us to Ko's Journey, a rich story-based math game he developed in class for his students and is now available online. Covering a range of topics from basic computation, functions, and equations to calculating area and understanding graphs, Ko's Journey provides a motivating and effective learning environment for 5th to 8th grade students to learn middle school math concepts.

Session Organizer & Moderator: Colleen King

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