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Join Michael Carter in discussing an open online curriculum development project for National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), with algebra games and interactives, and his other math game design projects.

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MichaelCarter.jpgDr. Michael Carter writes:
For most of my life I have focused on new technologies, learning, and games. I shaped the curriculum that Oxford, Stanford and Yale delivered to their alumni online and created programs with faculty from leading business schools at Pensare. At Apple I oversaw educational new media research and funded laboratories world-wide. My academic career includes professing European history at Dartmouth and directing academic computing at Stanford. At Digital Pictures I created What's My Story? to help children learn to speak for themselves. As Co-PI on an ethnographic study of digital youth I helped scholars and teachers learn what kids do online. Recently I have edited and published essays, reports, and a new journal on digital media and learning with the MIT Press. As Chief Playwright at I designed and produced games for kids in a virtual world. I helped design a new generation of online mathematics courses for the Hewlett and Gates foundations. Now I'm working with an eminent neuroscientist to craft games to help victims of traumatic brain injury re-gain their focus and advising incubators and startups who seek to change the landscape of learning.

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With funding from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) project is designed to develop and distribute high-quality online content to a world-wide audience. Sustained by institutional members of the NROC Network, NROC is an Open Educational Resource (OER), part of a movement fueled by the belief that everyone is entitled to an education, regardless of their financial or social circumstances.

NROC’s high-quality courses are media-rich, adaptable and affordable, a combination of features not readily available from commercial providers. With rich content mapped to state and federal standards, NROC courses can be used with or without a textbook to enhance online, blended and face-to-face learning environments.

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