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Chat text:
Math 2.0 Interest Group 10 14 2009 Meeting Chat

About the event

Sugar on a Stick

Host: Caroline Meeks

Wednesday, October 14th we will meet in the LearnCentral public Elluminate room at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time:


This event is a part of the ongoing Math 2.0 interest group conversation series. Always-discussed topics:
  • principles of Math 2.0 teaching and learning
  • networks and communities creating social math objects
  • platforms for remote communication of this interest group
  • our projects and collaboration
  • publishing efforts and bibliography


Caroline Meeks -

Caroline Meeks founded Solution Grove, which specializes in open source solutions for learning communities and has created sites for groups at MIT, Harvard, MGH and Boston Museum of Science. Caroline is actively involved in two open-source communities, dotLRN, which she co-founded in 2001, and Sugar ( which was developed as part of the OLPC project. This year she is piloting "Sugar on a Stick" in a Boston public elementary school. Caroline is a candidate for an MEd in 2010 from the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Technology, Innovation and Education Program, and is a graduate of MIT.

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