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About the event

Discuss Tapped In, a unique teacher community platform with light, text-based interface and a history quite long for a social web site - established 1997!

All Math 2.0 events are free and open to the public. Information about all events in the series is here:http://mathfuture.wikispaces.com/events

Wednesday, April 21st 2010 we will meet in the LearnCentral public Elluminate room at 6:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm Eastern time:

Tapped In is the online workplace of an international community of education professionals. K-12 teachers and librarians, professional development staff, teacher education faculty and students, and researchers engage in professional development programs and informal collaborative activities with colleagues.

Tapped In calendar is busy with ongoing meeting series, topic talks, and other events.

The site uses the metaphor of places, buildings and rooms for subgroups. For example, the virtual office of BJB, our event host, is The Enchanted Forest.

Event Host

BJB.jpgRetired since June 13, 2008 from the Loysville Youth Development Center, a residential male juvenile correctional facility in central Pennsylvania, BJ Berquist (Tapped In name BJB) has been involved with the Tapped In community since 1998. She participated in the planning of the Civil Rights Forum held in Tapped In in May, 1998, leads several discussions at Tapped In, and is a Help Desk volunteer. As an Associate Educator for Tapped In BJ edits the Tapis Newsletter and the Events Calendar. If you have any requests or suggestions for the newsletter or calendar, email BJ at bjb@tappedin.org