Workshop 3

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Wednesday September 29, 2010 at 3pm ET (2100 CET)

Host: Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska

Screencast of first half of workshop

Full recording of the second half of the workshop: voice, application sharing, slides, text chat

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Brief Description: This workshop is both followup to WS1 and WS2 and for regular users of GeoGebra to show the versatility of GeoGebra. If follows a common thread of using the Rule of Four (Description, Algebra, Graph and Tabular) to completely solve two different types of problems. Many different features of GeoGebra will be utilized.

Current PowerPoint Presentation for this workshop
Table of Contents
  1. Ship Problem
  2. Box & Whisker Plot Problem

Goals of Workshop 3: Work through 2 classroom activities with GeoGebra to see how GeoGebra can be directly into existing curricula with effective results - not just to increase understanding and pique interest, but also to increase mathematical skills and rigor in order for the students to pass the test.

Assumptions for Workshop 3: WS1 (and WS2) skills or equivalent with GeoGebra

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